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Georgina Cornago Cipriano, founder of the Love for Giovanni Foundation and the Friends Helping Friends Support Group, has been a passionate advocate and educator since losing her son, Giovanni, to an anaphylactic reaction in 2013. Georgina is committed to raising awareness both locally and globally by providing critical knowledge that she and her family were not afforded.

Through support meetings, social media and family-friendly events, Georgina has provided awareness and education reaching parents, school-aged children and teens. In her continued efforts to bring food allergy awareness to the forefront, Georgina has become an active lobbyist working on legislation that requires epinephrine injectors to be available in public places, the Allergy Awareness Sign in Playgrounds and Parks law, which brings awareness to others using such facilities about cross contamination and responsible food allergy hygiene, and most recently a bill named after her late son, titled Gio’s Law, which will require that members of all emergency service providers be trained in the administration of emergency anaphylaxis treatment and to carry emergency anaphylaxis treatment in their vehicles in the State of New York.

Additionally, as the outreach coordinator and presenter at Safe4Kids, Georgina visits with childcare providers training them on how to react during a food allergy emergency. Georgina has made it her life’s work to educate food allergy families so they should not experience the tragedy that has befallen hers.

Although her days are filled helping others in the food allergy community, when she is not working, Georgina loves spending time with her beautiful daughter, exploring the latest pop-up museums, trying new food spots or binge-watching Netflix. 

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